Luana. (heartluna) wrote,

Cupcakes and Discontentment

I've just read over this entire journal and noted it is strewn with angst and ill-content.
For your reading pleasure I have compiled a list of the things I love.

[In no particular order]
Still dark AM, pink sunsets and the way ducklings waddle.
Smiling at strangers and having them do the same.
Cardigans, glasses and boys that straighten their hair.
Dancing naked to The Cure in my lounge room.
Green apple mentos, curly wurlys and apple juice.
Messy hair, smeared mascara and chipped nail polish.
Watching polaroid photos develop.
C#, F#, A.
People who laugh at their own jokes.
Holding hands, cuddles, kisses on collarbones.
Conversations about religion that don't end in an argument.
The colour green.
The smell of rain and the feeling freshly cut grass between your toes.
Canberra in Autumn but Brisbane in Winter.
Sleeping in. Waking up early.
Singing at the top of my lungs.
Relaying whole conversations in my head.
The moment you realise you're falling in love.
Mismatched socks, pink underwear, corsets and paint stains.
People that really listen.
Talking about anything until the sun comes up.
Keeping good company.
Hot showers, bubble baths.
Laughing until my sides hurt.
Coming home.
The way my mother's hugs are more comforting then anything else in the world.
Phone conversations that don't feel awkward.
Dressing up.
Feeling invincible.
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